About us

The north-eastern region of Poland – known administravely as the Podlaskie Voivodship – is the undeniable refuge of virgin forests, lakes, rivers, and wetlands, lands diverse in flora and fauna. It is also unique for its multiculturalism.
Zygmunt Gloger, the Lutoslawski family, Czeslaw Milosz, Ludwik Zamenhof, Andrzej Strumillo, Wiktor Wolkow, Simona Kossak, and Lech Wilczek are just a handful of artists who cast their lots with this beautiful area. This beauty inspired the moving pictures of Wlodzimierz Puchalski, and which moved Wiktor Zin to create “Quill and Charcoal”. Here there are preserved mansions, palaces, and sacred and ethnic architecture.

The peculiar nature of the Podlaski region also manifests itself in folk songs of the eastern borderlands which is wonderfully demonstrated in “Konopielka” or in the series “In God’s Garden”.
Innovative film saving techniques are also taking off in this region, especially in 3D computer animated film genres. A good example of this is Tomasz Baginski’s Oscar-nominated ‘The Cathedral’.

The mission of the Podlaski Regional Film Foundation (PRFF) is the creation – and preservation – of the Podlaski Voivodeship film heritage. We would especially like to participate in film education, dedicated to all age groups.

Below is a list of our goals, which are indicators of our intentions:

  • Popularisation and dissemination of film culture
  • Creating conditions for creative activity in the field of cinematography at the production stage
  • Work on the development of audio-visual production development in Poland
  • Measures to support film production (movies: long, medium, short-animated, documentaries, feature films.
  • Strengthen identity, support native artists and activities in the field of cinematography involving the co-production of films and of a related regional Podlaski province, which will contribute to the economic recovery of the province and create new jobs.
  • Support for film education projects
  • Support for the preservation of film heritage – archiving and digitalizing.
  • Support for cinematography as a means of promoting the region