Podlaski Regional Film Foundation (PRFF) is the co-producer of the film, non-fiction: HUMAN FATE.

Video explains the mystery of the 734 Polish children, that aboard the USS General George Randall, came 1944 year to the port of Wellington, New Zealand. In the summer of the current year is featured in the next, relevant photos. Inter alia, John Roy-Wojciechowski, who came to the Polish from New Zealand, and with Peter Aulichem, which part of the siblings remained down under. In October/November 2013 of the year, the film crew choose to New Zealand, to obtain material for the next stage of production. Year 2014 the next trips: areas during an ( Russia), and to an uncharted route (Iran). Individuals and institutions wishing to support the expanded film project – or other venture PRFF – Please visit the page:, where in the: CONTACT, you will find further information.