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"Man fate" Make Lechowicz of Lomza and an interview with the author will issue TVP Polonia. The director presented his material in Warsaw at a meeting commemorating the first exile to Siberia during World War II.
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Brief footage is a harbinger of a documentary film, Mark Lechowicz realizes that in connection with the forthcoming (in November 2014 of the year) 70. anniversary of the arrival of the children of Polish exiles in New Zealand. This is what the state gave shelter and became the second homeland 733 children, who survived deportation to Siberia and their families, but then, as a result of war exile, trafiły do portu Wellington. Most of these children had lost their loved ones and have not yet visited the homeland. It is worth noting, that those little then exiles are now from seventy to ninety years even. Despite the lack of contact with their country, speak fluent, beautiful Polish. Marek Lechowicz, along with Michael Chojakiem, operator TVP, visited New Zealand. Registered poignant memories of "children of Siberia". They found also derived from Lomza Janina Różycka. With these materials created a documentary film.

Trailer of the film "Man fate" will be shown on TVP Polonia next Tuesday 18 February at. 22.00. After footage of the fate of Polish Siberians talk aired on television Marek Lechowicz and Aneta Hoffman, President of the Foundation Borderlands History. For more information about the film at the Podlasie Regional Film Fund

9 February in the House of Culture in Warsaw Dawn, at a hearing on exiles, production looked Jerzy Hoffman, Siberian exile. Following the issuance of kindness spoke about the film idea Mark Lechowicz. Filmmaker Jerzy Hoffman spoke with the, if he would take care of the artistic project. The director invited Mr. Lechowicz for an interview on this subject.


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